Upgrade from VIZ to E-Light - LED Light

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:10.00 H:10.00 L:10.00

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Upgrade from UTD VIZ to New UTD E-Light 

To UPGRADE you must first get a RMA number (info@unifiedteamdiving.com) letting us know what you are sending us.  Then package up your unit and return it to UTD North America or UTD Asia, at your cost. You can send any of your old versions of the VIZ 35/50 or VIZ II 35/50. You can either ship us the Sport Versions (Hand Held Version - VIZ Head, Goodman, Box, Charger and Battery Canister - No batteries or LiIon cells needed) or ship us your E/O Corded version (VIZ Head, Goodman and E/O cord) or your Fixed Corded version (VIZ Light head, goodman handle and battery canister) and we will ship you a brand new E-Light version that matches what we received*.  And yes you get a new warranty on this upgrade. Click Here for information. 

* If you ship us a fixed cord version of the VIZ we will attach the new E-Light head to your old battery. We will not replace the battery in a fixed cord version upgrade. 



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