UTD Soft Back Plate- Camo - New 2018

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:5.00 H:4.00 L:4.00

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UTD Soft Backplate - Camo - New 2018

A backplate that does it all - backmount, sidemount, lightweight, flexible, comfortable, configureable, distributes weights, and looks AMAZING!

The UTD Soft Backplate is desgined as the perfect solution - it fits between the idea of a ridge traditional stainless steel backplate (2.5kg/6lbs of weight) and a flexible , comfortable side mount harness (which does not have weight.) This is an awesome altrenative to the steel backplate that traditional Hogarthian/DIR/UTD Back mount divers use as this is a one stop solution for single and/or double tank back mount diving, that is lightweight (travel), distributes weight over the entire area of your back (upto 10ks/22lbs) yet is extremely comfortable and flexible like a traditional side mount harness. Which means it is even more incredible side mount harness and side mount divers want the excatly the same features a side mount harnes - soft, flexible, comfortable and yet has the ability to distribute 10kgs/22lbs of weight all over your back. Great for cold water side mount divers.

Not only is it designed to be the same size/shape as a UTD Steel Backplate, but it is lightwieght, medium stiffness (Slightly flexible), comfortable, you can add upto 10kgs/24lbs of wieght but most importatly it meet's Rule #6. This is a great way to have one Backplate that meet's all your needs - back mount or side mount, that is easy to travel with (lifghtweight), has ability to add weight, extremely flexible and comfortable (not as stiff and bulky as steel), keeps all the Hogarthian/DIR/UTD features and best of all ......"Look Cool"

Notice how you have the 2" wedding slots setup correctly for the proper Hogarthian/DIR/UTD single harness webbing routing, including the 2" crotch strap webbing slot. Also, you see the correct 11' center double tank eyelets and slots for two single tank cam bands. We have included two d-rings on each side to attach accessories such as argon bottle straps, or side mount bungee loops or what ever you need. On the back we have 4 x 2" webbing straps that will accept 2.5kg/6lbs weight pockets. Which means you can distrubte up to 10kgs/22lbs when you arrive on location. 

Features and Benefits:

  • One Solution for backmount or sidemount signle or doubles
  • Supports proper one piece Hogarthian/DIR/UTD 2" web routing 
  • Attach any back mount or side mount wing or trim device
  • Attach back mount cam bands for signle tank diving (if neccassory)
  • Attach single tank adapter if you prefer
  • Attach to double tanks if you prefer
  • Attach side mount bungee loops
  • Attach Argon bottles or Light Canister
  • Quick attach 4 x weight pockets as needed
  • Attach traditional 2" crotch strap
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Soft, Flexible and comfortable
  • Made in USA

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