UTD Accessory Bellows Pocket - Camo - New 2018

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:2.00 H:2.00 L:2.00

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UTD Accessory Bellows Pocket - Camo - New 2018

The UTD Accessory Bellows Pocket is a large pocket which can be quickly and easily be attached and detached to the waist belt of the harness and kept in place with either a weight belt buckle or SS triglide.There are bungee loops inside the pocket which you canattach and store several pieces of safety equipment such as Backup-Mask, Spool and/ SMB Marker, etc. There is a seperate quick access external pocket for the X-Notes (Wetnotes.)  The UTD pocket is long enough and stiff enough that it will trap your primary long hose (similar to that of a light canister) even when empty. You can also store some lead in the pocket.

Features and Benefits:

  • Qucik attach/dettach from 2" webbing with TriFold velcro closure.
  • Material is Camo 1000 denier Nylon Cordura
  • Can be used on the left or right side of the harness
  • Water outlet eyelets
  • Top Lid with Velcro closure
  • Pocket has a outh stiffiner for easy access with drygloves
  • Extra exterior compartment with a velcro fastener for X-Notes (Wetnotes)
  • Large interior compartment with eyelets and replaceable bungee loops to fix the equipment
  • Able to use as a weight pocket up to 5lbs/2kg lead
  • Size: ca. 8"/18 x 12"/28 cm

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