Alpha/Delta Hybrid Trim Device - Black Camo 2018 version - 30lbs/14kg

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:14.00 H:4.00 L:26.00

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UTD Alpha/Delta Trim Device/Wing - Black Camo - New for 2018
For Back-Mount or Side-Mount Diving (upto 30lbs/14kg)

In designing the new Alpha/Delta Black Camo Trim Device, we set out to create one trim device that can do it all for back-mounting a single tank or side-mounting a single or double tank . Alpha/Delta Black Camo works in warm or cold water diving environments and fits all hard, soft or travel backplates and side-mount harnesses, Alpha/Delta Black Camo is truly the only trim device you will ever need. To accomplish this we drew on everything we had learned designing the ground breaking Z and Z+ side-mount systems. What emerged was a versatile trim device that will accommodate almost any type of back-mount single tank diving you do or single tank/double tank side-mounting you will ever do.The key to it all was a very low profile, streamlined trim device that contours to the body. The Alpha/Delta Black Camo, with upto 30lbs/13kgs of lift, has a much lower profile than traditional wings. This streamlining produced a trim device that simply will not “taco” or wrap up and around the side of a tank, producing drag. Neither will the Alpha/Delta Black Camo Trim Device allow gas to roll around the bladder (referred to as “air shifting”) which produces instability in the divers trim.In designing the Z and Z+ side-mount systems we learned quite a bit about how the positioning of lift effects a divers trim. In previous wing designs, the emphasis was on placing the majority of the lift near the shoulders to achieve proper horizontal trim. The Alpha/Delta Black Camo Trim Device puts the majority of the lift lower on the body, exactly where the diver needs it. This naturally places the diver in a flat, feet up position.Introducing the Alpha/Delta Black Camo Back-mount and Side-mount Diving Trim Device. One trim device for all back-mount single tank diving and side-mount diving environments.

Features and Benefits

  • The Alpha/Delta Black Camo Trim Device/Wing is designed for back-mount single tank recreational diving or side-mount single or side-mount double tank diving.
  • Designed for horizontal prone position diving
  • Easy to dump air from the left or right rear dump vlave (OPV) and from LP hose located on-top of the wing or the bottom of the wing (as desired), even while in the Horizontal prone position
  • Power inflator and OPV are interchangable from the bottom right side, bottom left side or the top of the trim device. Based on your needs. 
  • Heavy duty Black Camo cover on wing to protect bladder
  • 1 year warranty on wing
  • Upto 30lbs / 13 Kg

Alpha/Delta Black Camo Trim Device/Wing

  • Alpha/Delta Black Camo trim device for single tank back-mount diving or single tank/double tank side-mount diving.
  • One wing works for warm water and cold water diving. No need for a 20lbs/9kg wing or a 30lbs/14kg wing or a 40lbs/23kg. 
  • Super Low Profile and Streamline.Always stays snug to your body.
  • No wing flapping around or "Taco"ing - Significantly Reduces Drag and Dynamic Instability. 
  • Dumps from left OPV and the top mounted LP hose for back-mount or right OPV and bottom mount LP for side-mount
  • Correct position of the lift cell to keep you in the horizontal prone position - Hence Trim Device. 
  • Inflator/Deflator LP hose and OPV can be moved to the left or right, top or bottom as need be.
  • Upto 30lbs / 14 kg Lift
  • Fits any Backplate, Z--Harness, Soft Backplate. 

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