UTD Global Prep Class Gift Card

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UTD Global Prep Class Gift Card

Global Prep Classes are online classes that have been taught by a UTD Instructor. They are designed to prepare a student for an upcoming class, solidify what they are learning during a class, act as a post class reference and ultimately for anyone interested in learning more about UTD Classes and the subject matter. We offer a wide variety (15+ classes) in multiple languages. These include: Ratio Deco, ESM, Open Water/Rec 1, Essentials of Rec/Rec 2, Essentials of Tech/Rec 3, Technical, Overhead, Rebreather and many more. They are not required for UTD certification but they do make an excellent supplement to any class you or a loved one is taking. They all run a standardized price and therefore we can offer this Gift Certificate to access anyone of them. Simply purchase the Gift Certificate and we will issue you a "Electronic Gift Card" (Code) within 24 hours. You can then give this as a gift for Holidays/Birthdays and/or use it yourself towards any Global Prep Class. 

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