UTD Standard Dry Glove System (After Market Add-on Rings)

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:6.00 H:6.00 L:6.00

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UTD Signature Series - Standard Dry Glove System

  • UTD Dry Gloves provide a watertight connection to your dry suit.
  • NOT permanently installed. Easily add or remove the drygloves ring system to any existing drysuit wrist seal (latex or neoprene)
  • Maintain thermal comfort in the water for better sensitivity in the fingers and hands when handling the objects.
  • Ideal for photographers and videographers working with cameras.
  • Perfect for working with reels, spools, and line.
  • Much thinner and much warmer than neoprene gloves.


  • Considerably smaller diameter rings than most other systems on the market. (80mm or 90mm choices)
  • Easy to add and/or remove from any drysuit wrist seals. (After Market Add-on)
  • No plastic parts, anodized aluminum rings that will not break even during travel.
  • Easy to use.
  • Resistant to saltwater.
  • No moving parts, minimal stress on wrist seals.
  • Dry Gloves can be reversed for use white-side-out for better hand signal visibility
  • Use any thermal glove underliner  
  • Glove Sizes*: S (6.5"/16.5cm) , M (7.5" / 19cm), L (8.5" / 21.5cm), XL (9.5" / 24cm), XXL (10.5" / 26.5cm)

* Measurement is the width of your hand across the top of your knuckles

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