Technical Z-Side Mount System Complete (Cave/Tech Side Mount)

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:15.00 H:5.00 L:3.00

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UTD Technical Z-Sidemount System Complete (Cave/Tech Side Mount)

Everything you need to go cave or tech double tank Z-Side-mount diving. This system is designed for cave, wreck and or technical divers who want to take double tanks side mount diving and includes your Z-Harness (Side-mount harness) or Soft Backplate or SS Backplate, Z-Tec XL PRO or Camo Trim Device, Z-Isolatable Manifold Brass or Delrin, 2 x Z-Stage Bottle Kit and all the hoses and fittings you need.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Cave/Wreck/Tech Z-Diving
  • Complete Z-Harness with SS plates, or Soft Plate or SS Backplate, UTD webbing, d-rings and tank bungee
    • Can accommodates 1 or 2 tanks on either side of diver
  • Z-Tec XL PRO or CAMO Trim Device
    • 45lbs/20kgs of lift
    • Built-in attachments for Weight pockets and other accessories
  • Z-Isolatable Manifold (8 ports) for attaching upto 6 outputs and 2 inputs - Brass or Delrin
  • Z-Manifold Hose Kit
    • 2 x Female Q6 Input Hoses 
    • 7'/2.0m Long Hose
    • 24"/65cm Necklace Hose
    • 22"/56cm BCD Hose
  • 2 x Z-Stage Bottle Harness
  • 2 x Z-Stage Bottle Hose Kit
    • Male QC6 Stage Hose
    • Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPV)
    • High Pressure Hose for stage bottle SPG

UTD Z-Harness or Soft Backpalte or SS Back Palte

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Z-Diving
  • Comes complete with SS plates, webbing, d-rings and tank bungee
  • Can accommodates 1 or 2 tanks on either side of diver
  • Stainless-steel D-rings and triglide stoppers for right and left shoulders and butt area
  • Stainless-steel waist buckle
  • Adjustable crotch strap
  • 40" of 3/8" Bungee for tank plus two Bungee ends

UTD Z-Tec XL PRO or CAMO Trim Device

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for Side-mount Diving and Z-Diving
  • Streamline and Low profile
  • Power and inflate and OPV
  • Adapts and fits all backplates or any other side mount harness. 


  • PRO or CAMO Cover
  • Pleated bladder
  • 45lbs/20 kg Lift capacity
  • Easily adapted to Z-Harness
  • Fits any Backplate with Adapter

Z-Isolatable Manifold (Brass or Delrin)

Features and Benefits

  • Marine Grade Brass or Delrin Isolatable Manifold
  • Connects to a Z-Harness
  • 8 ports for input or output
  • Isolate 4 ports right and left for total redundancy
  • Connect your long hose and BCD and Input to right side and necklace hose and drysuit hose to left like back gas doubles
  • Allows for 2 inputs and 6 outputs

UTD Z-Stage Bottle Harness AL80/11L

Features and Benefits

  • Complete rigging needed to setup your cylinder at home as a z-stage bottle 
  • No Metal to metal
  • SS Snaps and Tank Straps
  • Two Thick Rubber bands

Z-Manifold Hose Kit

Features and Benefits

  • All Hoses needed to attach to your Z-Manifold to convert your second stages for a Z-Diving System
  • 2 x 22"/56cm LP Hose w/ QC6 Female
  • 7'/2.0 m Long Hose for Primary Regulator
  • 24"/65cm LP Hose for Backup Regulator
  • 22"/56cm BCD Hose

2 x Z-Stage Bottle Hose Kits

Features and Benefits

  • Complete hose need to convert your first stage for your stage bottle to a Z-Stage Bottle
  • 24"/65cm LP Hose w/ QC6 Male
  • 6"/15cm H.P. hose for SPG 
  • Over Pressure Relief Valve

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