Marine Science 3 Day Zuba Camp

Marine Science 3 Day Zuba Camp

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UTD Watersports San Diego at UTD Scuba Diving
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Michelle Fekete

Marine Science 3 Day Zuba Camp

By: UTD Watersports San Diego at UTD Scuba Diving
Instructor: Michelle Fekete
Region: North America
Where: 11211 Sorrento Valley RdSte iSan Diego, CA, 92121
When: 17 Jun 2015 09:00-AM to 31 Dec 2015 03:00-PM
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17 Jun 2015 09:00 - 31 Dec 2015 15:00
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  • Check Out Your Backyard: THE PACIFIC OCEAN!
  • 3 Day Camp - 3000 Different Kinds of Fish - 5000 Different kinds of Invertebrates
  • Be a MARINE SCIENTIST using an underwater cameras to capture your interactions!
  • You will learn how to be a Supervised ZUBA Diver!
  • Ages 7 to 16 years may participate (ages 10-16 may earn a Zuba Supervised certification card)
  • Maximum number of students: 3 :1 counselor ratio

More Details:

This adventure that blows snorkeling right out of the water!

Join one of San Diego UTD’s newest Marine Science Camps. Spend three days learning about and making photos in our beautiful backyard: the Pacific Ocean. You and your friends will see dozens of organisms living in our diverse coastal waters. You will search for their underwater habitats and photograph as many species as you can. You will learn how to use ZUBA to do your underwater exploration. You will be breathing underwater while you make your photographs.

Day 1: Meet at UTD headquarters in Sorrento Valley. Review the course book and quizzes then hop in our on-site heated pool and learn to ZUBA dive. After lunch you’ll start to become a new marine scientist. You’ll learn to spot over thirty common fish and their Southern California Coastal habitats. You will also get to practice with the cameras. (6 hours)

Day 2: Meet at La Jolla Shores or Mission Bay. Explore the inter-tidal zone –that’s the shoreline – and all the different marine life that has adapted to live in this harsh environment. To ensure safety, we will also talk about the rocky reefs, rip currents, and the tides. After gearing up, we will wade into the water with regulators in mouths and the photographic* scavenger hunt begins! You will dive and make photos of as many fish as you can find. (6 hours)

Day 3: Meet at La Jolla Shores or Mission Bay and it’s back in the water to practice our new found identification skills, photography and superb ZUBA mastery. We will continue our identification of the rocky reefs and kelp forests. The team with the most species photographed* and identified will win bragging rights and awards.

* We instantly share all photographs and stories on our Facebook/Instagram pages so that your family and friends can participate in the excitement of what you are experience in the underwater adventure.


Upon completion of this three day camp your child will have gained knowledge and respect for our ocean, a link to access their photos, and a ZUBA Supervised Diver Certification by Unified Team Diving (UTD). UTD is an "Ocean Friendly" Scuba training and certification agency. As a matter of environmental preservation, we teach that humans should never touch anything in the ocean.  Your kids will be taught to look but not to touch. That’s why we give them cameras. We provide your child with all the ZUBA dive equipment (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Air, Weights, ZUBA Float, Tank, Regulators) and a camera.  The Marine Science ZUBA Camp does require registration and the purchase of the Marine Science ZUBA camp/class materials.  You may either purchase the online materials during the registration process or purchase the printed book that will be mailed to you  (click here). The cost of the camp materials is $34.95 and includes everything your child needs to learn to ZUBA Dive and identify the many species they will be encountering during the camp.   

****All parents must complete the online registration and sign a waiver and medical history form for each child.

****Cancellation policy:72 hour notice is required for rescheduling/canceling a class or camp date. UTD reserves the right to charge a $199.00 fee if this cancellation policy is not followed. We allow for a 1 time reschedule (with 72 hour notice) after that a fee will be charged for any schedule changes. Missed classes will not be made up.

Questions? or call 1-855-348-3883 (760-585-9676), ext 5

See You soon.

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