Wreck Week 2014

Wreck Week 2014

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Organiser: UTD Scuba Diving
Email: info@utdscubadiving.com

Wreck Week 2014

By: UTD ScubaDiving (UTD Scuba Diving)
Region: North America
Where: Hurghard, Egypt
When: 09 Sep 2014 08:00-AM to 09 Sep 2014 12:00-AM
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09 Sep 2014 08:00 - 09 Sep 2014 00:00
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MV Nouran, Hurghada, Egypt

SEPT 9 - Sep 16, 2014

Dive the Red Sea!

This year we are back with Red Sea Explorers on their new boat, the MV Nouran, diving reefs, shallow wrecks, deep wrecks, and even deeper wrecks:

  7 nights double occupancy on board
  Airport transfers

  All meals and snacks
  Nitrox 32
  Guided wreck dives
  Guided reef dives

  Evening seminars
  Welcoming party
  Closing party
  Unlimited fun

Choose your payment Wreck Week 2014 $1,495.00 USD Deposit 2014 Wreck Week $800.00 USD Balance 2014 Wreck Week $695.00 USD  
From the shallow fun wrecks at Abu Na Has, to the arch at Elphnstone, to the famous SS Thistlegorm, to the Deeper El Quammar EL Saudi Masri, to the famed shark dives at Brothers Islands, this trip includes it all. Experience the beauty and the uniqueness of the Red Sea where every dive is unique and amazing.

Whether you are recreational, technical, wreck, cave, deep, trimix, rebreather, side mount - you name it – this place has it all, and on our UTD/Red Sea Explorers annual trip we will provide it all - EVERY DAY, EVERY DIVE. So if you are a UTD diver, Rebreather Diver, Z-Diver, DIR Diver, Non-DIR Diver, or Non-Diver, you are welcome.

And this year we add kite surfing for even more fun.

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