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UTD Watersports Monterey Bay can teach 120 classes / events.

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UTD Watersports Monterey's approach to teaching scuba classes, and to scuba diving in general is designed to make you as successful as possible. Our classes are competitively priced with other scuba shops in the Monterey Bay area, but once you consider everything we include in our courses, and especially the increased time you have with your instructor in and out of the water, you will realize that you gain much more by taking a class with us. We find that students who are given more knowledge and who are challenged a bit further during their training are more confident and comfortable diving because they understand what is going on and they know what to do on their dives. Our divers are not "follow me" divers. We do not teach you skills while planted on the bottom of the pool with excessive weights. Beyond knowledge development we spend a lot of time developing your in-water skills. We do it all at a competitive price because we want you to be a comfortable, confident, and competent diver at every level you undertake. The the core principle behind UTD dive training.