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Ben Bos can teach 57 classes / events.

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I love diving, love teaching. It has been a part of me for the most time of my live. For me the sheer diversity of people you meet and the fact that they come from diverent walks of life and find one common thing in SCUBA diving i great. Also all there social masks ar worth nothing under water. Everyone is the same, CEO, garbageman, dentist or houswife. Teaching the quality courses of UTD gives me the best tool to develop divers and instructors. I have been teaching for quite a few organisations but, not one has the thinking team diver at the center as well as UTD does. My experience in teaching all over the world has given me a unique perspective on the diveristy of environments and teaching methods. I will give you training you can use, no mater if you are just starting diving or join us in one of our technical instructor classes. I will teach you the finesses of beeing a great instructor that can see through the checklists and create divers that will become great ambasadors for this sport/hobby.