E-Light 35 - 3500lux Cordless LED Light

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:5.00 H:2.00 L:10.00

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UTD E-Light 35 Sport is a cordless LED light that produces 3500 lux*. 
It comes standard with one 10w LED's with an 8 degree beam, a 3.7v / 4.4 amp cordless aluminum battery canister (1 x 26650 Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries) depth rated to 600'/180m, a hard goodman handle and Universal Charger. Click Here for information. 

Features and Benefits

  • Cordless LED handheld light that is bright and lasts long - 3500 Lux*
  • Comes Mounted on a hard goodman handle with boltsnap - Will also fit the UTD Deluxe Soft Goodman Handle - Optional Purchase
  • Twist On/Off - Full and Half brightness settings
  • 3.7v to12v / 1.2 amp draw. This allows for the use of an external 3.7v or 7.2v or 12v battery canister by attaching the E/O Adapter Cap in place of the battery housing.


  • 1 x 10 Watt LED's - 3500 lux*
  • Powered by a Mini E-Light Attachable battery canister that has 1 x 26650 (3.7v 4400mHa) rechargeable LiIon battery cell that is replaceable. This provides over 3.75 hr Burn time at full power or 9 hours at half power. One can detach the Mini E-Light battery canister, attach the E/O Cord Adapter cap and then use an external battery canister such as the UTD Z-120 Pro so the burn time increases to 34+ hours at full power or 90 hours on half power.
  • BurnTime
    • Mini E-Light Canister (1 cell 26650) - 3.75 hrs 
    • Old UTD Z-Pro 120 (11.1v / 13.6 Ah) Battery Canister - 22 hrs
    • New UTD Z-Pro 120 (3.7v / 40.8 Ah) Battery Canister - 34 hrs
  • 8 Degree beam angle
  • Aluminum Body
  • Triple o-ring sealed
  • Body dia. 1.1" (3.5cm), 4"(10cm) Overall Length
  • 600'/180m depth rated 
  • Comes with Universal Charger

* Note 3500 lux at 10'/3m away measured in center of beam.

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