UTD MX-Z Standard mCCR Rebreather - Does Not Include Training

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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UTD Standard MX-Z mCCR Rebreather

This unit comes with the components to configure your mCCR Rebreather in a standard MX-Z Backmount System with the standard shearwater electroincs package.

Price Includes:

UTD Custom KISS Canister & Head
5.5lb/2.5kg Co-Axial CO2 Scrubber and Canister
BM Breathing Loop w/ bayonets (Low Profile T-s)
1 * Shrimp Bail Out Valve (BOV)
2 * JZ Back Mounted Counter Lungs (2 * 3L with water dump valve)
1 * O2 Delrin Injector with QC6 Female Quick Connection
1 * Dil Delrin Injector with QC6 Quick Connection and Isolator
1 * Custom Shearwater Pretal independent PPO2 Handsets with OLED Display mounted on a Fischer Cable
1 * Hardwired Shearwater Heads Up Display (HUD) 
3 * O2 Sensors
3 * Kiss Head Delrin Plugs


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