• You can enter a class at your current level – Divers and Instructors alike can move into a UTD class at your current or next level - it is not necessary to start from the bottom. UTD Instructors are always available for an evaluation dive prior to your class.
  • Student support materials – UTD's online class materials include narrated programs, skills videos, gas management work sheets, tests and more. Study on your schedule, then review and ask questions during your class when you meet with your instructor. The online classes are available to everyone, no matter what agency you've trained with, and regardless of whether you're are enrolled in a certification class or not. Follow this link to check out the sample online class.
  • Instructor support materials – As a UTD Instructor you receive all student materials (Online classrooms, tests, pdf's, video's and so on), plus Instructor Only support materials that include instructor presentations with special notes, videos of skills and dry runs, the UTD Operations Manual, and our famed UTD Playbook, which outlines in detail the skills, techniques and procedures of how to run critical skill drills at each of the levels (1 - 4) as they pertain to each class. Learn how to become a UTD instructor here.
  • Be part of the Unified Team Diving community – Unified Team Diving is an open community of divers, from recreational through expedition. 

UTD is an inclusive underwater philosophy that unifies the team towards the dive, maximizing safety, conformity and competence of the team and the members and ultimately the overall enjoyment of the dive.


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