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Viz 2 50w LED Light vs the Viz 50W Led Light

Tyler Phelps
UTD Instructor #124

The VIZ 2-50W packs all the power and durability in half the size as comparable lights. It is yet another exciting scalable and modular product from the UTD Equipment line. While I prefer to use my VIZ 2-50W on my E/O, wet pluggable corded battery canister, it is available in a “sport” version with a cordless battery. As a scientific diver, the E/O option has proven very useful in the event my cord becomes entangled in the tools and equipment I sometimes need to carry with me. It integrates seamlessly into my diving and I am able to use it on back mount, side mount, and rebreather dives.

When I was first looking to buy a light system for my technical diving needs, the durability of the original VIZ 50 caught my attention. I have used this light on over 100 dives and have been impressed by its resilience, even to 125m/410ft. When I decided to upgrade from my original VIZ 50, it was super easy as all I needed to do was plug the new VIZ 2-50W head into my existing battery canister. After using it on a dozen dives, I have grown to really enjoy the 7500 lumen output that it provides. Now more than ever is my light able to be seen by my teams in some of the best daytime visibility that Hawai’i has to offer. Of course, it’s the talk of the town when I use it on evening and night dives!

Overall I am very happy and excited about my new VIZ 2-50W and I look forward to using it on future projects!

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