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    UTD Equipment is constantly developing and improving dive gear. In the pursuit of offering the best dive gear possible, we created a Product Tester Program. The UTD Product Tester plays an integral role in assuring that UTD Equipment is delivering the highest quality product to the diving community possible. The tester’s role helps guide design changes, ensures quality control, and also helps UTD Equipment meet the demands of consumers in different market places.


    As a UTD Product Tester I agree to dive the light in conditions matching real diving environments and not just use it in confined water. As a tester you are expected to dive the product in manner which was intended by manufacturing and design. You may not use the product in a manner that exceeds the limits of its design. The tester is encouraged to use the item(s) in as many environments as possible to give UTD Equipment the best possible feedback from the testing. All testers are required to write up and submit to UTD North America a product testing review within 5 days of completing all tests with the product. UTD North America will provide a standard review form for use by all testers. This form maybe submitted to UTD North America via email (UTD-NA@utdscubadiving.com) or via the web form located on www.utdscubadiving.com. The tester may only receive one system to test.

Time Period:

    The tester has a period of no more than 21 days from receipt of the item(s) to complete all testing, evaluation, and return the item(s) back to UTD North America. The product testing review must be written up and submitted within 30 days from receipt of the item(s). The tester may choose to purchase the item(s) at their current “buying level” anytime during the testing period. “Buying level” is solely determined by UTD North America. Receipt of the product is defined as when the tracking information from the carrier (UPS, USPS, etc…) identifies the item(s) was signed for. 

Payment/Shipping Requirements:

    The item(s) will be sent to the tester at no charge but a credit card authorization will be kept on file for the duration of the testing or no more than six (6) months as determined by UTD North America. The credit card authorization authorizes UTD North America or it’s designee to charge (or preauthorize) the tester up to the full retail price of the item(s) for the following reasons: (1) The item(s) is returned damaged, (2) the item(s) is lost or stolen, (3) the item is not returned within the designated time frame after receipt of the unit, or (4) the item(s) is returned without all components.

The tester agrees that if they wish to purchase the unit being tested they will notify UTD Norther America in writing and the credit card authorization on file will be used for paying the invoice. The rate for purchasing the unit will be at the tester’s current buying level as determined by UTD North America at the time of the transaction but not to exceed the current “Retail” rate.

If the tester wishes to return the item(s) after testing the product they will do so fully at their expense. The tester will pay all expenses, duties, customs, and import fee associated with shipping the test unit. The tester may only use the call tag issued by UTD North America for return shipping. The tester authorizes UTD North America or its designee to bill all shipping charges to the credit card information contained on the credit card authorization form.

UTD Equipment Product Tester Terms and Conditions

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