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Q. What is the certification agency for this program?

A. The certifying agency is Unified Team Diving or UTD.


Q. After certifying, can I use this certification to dive in (insert location of diving)?

A. Yes, your certification is internationally recognized. You can dive anywhere in the world at the level that you are certified to dive in.


Q. How long is the course?

A. The course typically includes 2 classroom sessions of about 2 hours each, 2 pool sessions of about 2 hours each and a minimum of 4 open water dives. However, at the discretion of the instructor, a student may require more practice hours. Please note that the above do not include registration time.


Q. What is the schedule for the course?

A. Upon registering for the class and attending the first day of lecture, it is typical to have the students of that class arrange the specific schedule with the instructor.


Q. When are the open water dives conducted?

A. They are typically conducted over a Saturday and Sunday consecutively.


Q. If I miss a class, can I resume the class on a following day?

A. Please arrange with your instructor regarding makeup classes.


Q. Do I have to pay for makeup classes?

A. We understand that sometimes things happen and you may not be able to attend 1 or 2 classes. We will try our utmost to accommodate you, however, if missing classes becomes a perpetual habit, a makeup fees of up to $75 per session may be charged.


Q. I am interested to participate but I am afraid that my work schedule may not accommodate, what are my options?

A. If you have not purchase the any coupons, you can register directly with us at the same price and we can schedule a course around your schedule.


Q. Do you provide the equipment?

A. Yes, all equipment are provided but we encourage you to have your own personal gear (mask, snorkel, booties, fins, hoods and gloves). While personal gear may be provided, they are subject to size availability.


Q. Can I use my own equipment?

A. Yes, as long as they meet our requirements.


Q.  Do you sell personal gear? Must I purchase from you?

A. Yes, we sell the personal gear package at $299 and it is not mandatory that you purchase from us. Should you decide to purchase from alternative sources, we ask that you do so only AFTER your first classroom session with us as we discuss the gear requirement during that class.


Q. I have a friend who is already certified, can he or she comes with us on our open water dives?

A. No, unfortunately our insurance prohibits us from taking non-students with the class. But we encourage you to dive with your friend immediately after he/she is certified.



Q – Is it necessary to upload pictures, pdf, description, etc. when we create events every time? Or just only once?

A – When an event ends, it goes in the folder called "Past Events" (on the Manage Classes/Events page). Choose any class and click "Duplicate." Change the date and repost. It will have all the parameters of the original.


Q – When I make a new event, can I enter euros instead of dollars?

A – We'll be adding that feature soon, but for now enter dollars and the system will switch to your local currency during the checkout process.