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Welcome to 2016

Band Aids

Why become a UTD Instructor

The Process of becoming a UTD Instructor

UTD's Instructor Prep Class

UTD's Critique Class

UTD Primary LED Light VIZ II

UTD Mobile App

UTD Scuba Camp

UTD vBlog: UTD Instructor Review of Viz 2 50w LED Light

UTD vBlog: Regulator Repair Tech and Field Service

UTD vBlog: 2016 UTD Educational Class Structure

UTD vBlog: Complex Questions About Ratio Deco

UTD vBlog:UTD 2016 IDC

UTD vBlog:Designing a new UTD Harness Pocket

UTD vBlog: Ratio Deco 2.0

UTD vBlog: Global Prep Classes

UTD vBlog: Student Question about Ratio Deco 2.0

UTD vBlog: Preparation for UTD China Cave Project

UTD vBlog: Impressions of UTD China Cave Exploration Project

UTD vBlog: UTD China Cave Exploration Project Update

UTD vBlog: Final Reflections of UTD China Cave Project

UTD vBlog: Z System and mCCR Rebreathers

UTD vBlog: Why the Z System is safer the traditional side-mount and back mount configurations

UTD vBlog: New UTD Products at DEMA 2016

UTD vBlog: New SM/BM Wings for 2017

UTD vBlog: What makes UTD Safe Diving

UTD Press Release: UTD releases 9 Global Prep Classes

UTD Professional Program - Dive It! Believe It!

UTD vBlog: A New Year's message for 2017

New 2017 Products - Soft Plate

UTD 2017 Projects and Prep

UTD China Cave Movie - Mini Clip 001

Drysuit Diving Tips

UTD China Cave Expedtion 2017


Why is the dive ndustry in a freefall


Why you need fitness for Scuba Diving

Things Forgotten

SCKPP China Cave Project 2017

DEMA 2017 & UTD Journal

Introducing the E-Lights

UTD Drysuit 370AG - 2018