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UTD Instructor:  Tyler Phelps
Subject: Teaching on your knees

UTD Instructor - Jonathan Edwardsen
Subject: Agency Responsiveness

UTD Instructor - Ryan Custureri
Subject: Making The Leap

UTD Instructor - Marine Canac Owen
Subject: Girls want to dive too!

UTD Instructor - Iñaki de Santos
ESM - English | ESM - Spanish

UTD Instructor - Jeff Seckendorf
UTD Critique It Workshop

UTD Instructors - Mike Fenton & Erik Walden
UTD Instructor Article - Headquarters Support

UTD Instructor - Flavio Turchet
Holistic System - English |
Sistema d'immersione olistico - Italian

UTD Instructor - James Mott
Why I Teach for UTD

UTD Instructor - Fernando Rodrigo (Mosan)
UTD Instructor Article:
Recreational diving and breathing Helium (HE)

UTD Instructor - Alan Williams
UTD Instructor Article:
Testing the UTD X15 Back Up Light

UTD Instructor - Jonathan Edwardsen
UTD Instructor Article:
Why new UTD Techreational Diver Class


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