3-320 Technical 2 Diver

3-320 Technical 2 Diver

Contact Info:
Style Diving at Unified Team Diving (Training Facilty)
Company: Unified Team Diving
Email: dive@stylediving.com

Instructor: Marco Alberti
Email: marco@stylediving.com

3-320 Technical 2 Diver

By: Style Diving at Unified Team Diving (Training Facilty)
Instructor: Marco Alberti
Region: Italy
Where: Via San Michele 98, Rapallo, 16035
When: 02 Feb 2020 10:10-AM to 06 Feb 2020 11:59-PM
Remaining Tickets: 1

02 Feb 2020 10:10 - 06 Feb 2020 23:59
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Technical 2 Diver Program UTD’s Technical 2 course is the next step in the technical training sequence. This class expands the divers range and capabilities using the building block concept. Depth and complexity are added in small steps, building on the Technical Diver’s existing skill set. Typically this course in conducted over a four day period and upon completion of Technical 2, a diver is qualified to 200’/60m using standardized bottom gases of 18/45 and 15/55 and decompression mixes of Oxygen and Nitrox 50. Stage bottles can be added upon completion of the stage endorsement in conjunction with this class. The UTD Technical 2 is designed to continue a diver’s pursuit of technical diving, giving them the ability to use hypoxic Trimix blends and to carry and manage two (2) decompression bottles (Nitrox 50 and O2). The limits of this certification will allow the diver to conduct dives beyond the 160'/48m limits of Technical 1. New material includes the nuances of Trimix (Hypoxic mixes), the gas management and failure management of multiple decompression bottles, the in water management of these two decompression bottles and other academic issues and understanding of the dives to 200'/60m. Successful completion of Technical 2 qualifies a diver to use Trimix 18/45 and 15/55 plus Nitrox mixes up to and including 100% Oxygen to a depth of 200 feet/60 meters utilizing two (2) decompression bottles with a maximum of one hour of decompression.  

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