Doubles Mini

Doubles Mini

Contact Info:
Submerged Inc at Submerged, Inc
Company: Unified Team Diving

Instructor: Joe Rendzio

Doubles Mini

By: Submerged Inc at Submerged, Inc
Instructor: Joe Rendzio
Region: United States
Where: 12712 Rock Creek Mill Rd. Suite 3A, Rockville, 20852
Event by Appointment: Please contact Submerged, Inc. to schedule your class. 301-881-2831 or

Event arranged by appointment.

During this course you will learn how to rig doubles, proper weighting, hose routing, potential failures and emergency procedures, and team protocols during emergencies. Upon successful completion of the Doubles Mini, you will be qualified to use a doubles configuration within your current training limits.
  • Course Fee: $275 paid to Submerged, Inc.
  • Includes: Instruction, dry runs, dives, and gas fills at Submerged.
  • Additional: Student materials, certification processing, any rental gear needed

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