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N.O.W. Dive at N.O.W. Dive
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Instructor: Ben Bos
Email: ben@nowdive.dk


By: N.O.W. Dive at N.O.W. Dive
Instructor: Ben Bos
Region: Scandinavia
Where: Christiansmindevej 12 kld, Skanderborg, 8660
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The IDC process starts with a class called IDC Prep. This is a personal skills class that prepares you for the IDC. It's an optional class but we recommend it for all candidates who have not taken a UTD class. IDC Prep guides you through all the personal skills needed to successfully complete the IDC and become a UTD Instructor. IDC Prep is offered around the world by most UTD instructors. The three-day class covers how we teach buoyancy, trim, propulsion, basic-6, s-drills, valve drills, and smb deployment. All these skills are taught at demonstration level, so on completion you should be able to teach the skills. The class also goes through proper weighting, how to dive a 'balanced rig,' Min-Deco ascent strategies, and Rock Bottom gas planning. The cost of the IDC Prep class is not included in the IDC package, although the classroom materials are included.

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