2018 UTD Instructor and DM Renewal

2018 UTD Instructor and DM Renewal

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2018 UTD Instructor and DM Renewal

By: UTD ScubaDiving at UTD Scuba Diving
Region: United States
Where: 8545 Arjons Drive, San Diego, 92126
Event by Appointment: Thank you for your renewal. Your new membership card should arrive the first week in January.

Event arranged by appointment.

This instructor and DM renewal is open until March 31, 2018, HOWEVER, ALL RENEWALS ARE DUE BY DECEMBER 31. If you do not renew by Decmeber 31, you will be moved to inactive status until your renewal is paid. 

Rates go up on January 1, again on Feb 1, and again on March 1. If you do not renew by the end of March, you go on suspended status and must requalify to continue to teach.

All of which means, PLEASE RENEW ON TIME.

In order to participate in the UTD Loyalty Instructor Program you must meet the following rquirements:

  • You do not hold an active instructor certification with any other scuba training agency.
  • You have registered a minimum of 10 student during 2017 (and they have purchased online course materials).
  • You are renewing before December 31, 2017, at which time the Loyalty renewal ends and normal prices apply.

Loyalty Program instructors do not pay a membership fee, just the c-card fee.

2017 has been a year of important changes for UTD. 

  • We are moving forward converting all the online course materials to HTML5 to make the programs more friendly with mobile devices.
  • We created four new "Mini" courses: Night, Navigation, Back Kick, and SMB.
  • We opened up two projects: the South China Karst Plains Project for cave divers, and the UTD Video and Photo Storytelling class for recreational divers.
  • We started the UTD Cleanup Dive program with Daniel Pinderup in Denmark.
  • Working with our instructors in Italy and Spain, we have continued to add translated chapters in those two languages.
  • We are creating "UTD Under the Hood," a 30-part video series on all things UTD.
  • The UTD Journal is back in publication.
  • We completed publishing Global Online Prep Classes, giving students more options for online learning while allowing instructors to hone in on more specifics during class lectures.
  • And much, much more.

Your continued support through the classes you teach and your membership fees give us the resources to grow and grow and grow. We will continue to add programing, add instructors, add instructor trainers, innovate, add products, and much more.

So thank you again for your support as we work tirelessly to support you.

Here's to a great 2018!

Jeff and Andrew


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