Global Prep Class - Ratio Deco

Global Prep Class - Ratio Deco

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UTD ScubaDiving at UTD Scuba Diving
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Andrew Georgitsis

Global Prep Class - Ratio Deco

By: UTD ScubaDiving at UTD Scuba Diving
Instructor: Andrew Georgitsis
Region: United States
Where: 9400 Activity Rd Ste i, San Diego, 92126
Event by Appointment: This is an online program that can be taken at any time. Registration if free, however the class materials will be purchased during the registration process.

Event arranged by appointment.

This is a 3.5 hour video presentation of a live Ratio Deco Class taught by Andrew Georgitsis. Register here for free, then purchase the video program for $125. You can also optionally purchase the Ratio Deco 2.0 online classroom materials for $99. The classroom materials include all the Ratio Deco example chapters, from 'Min Deco' through technical profiles.

The ratio deco course is designed to study, discuss, analyze and understand a wide variety of existing decompression models and their pro’s and con’s. During the course you will develop a strategy wherein you apply the best of each of these theories to your personal diving application. Ratio Deco is a methodology that allows a diver to apply various existing decompression models into a cohesive strategy that the team can apply during a dive. It is decompression “on the fly.” Ratio Deco is NOT a scientific decompression model or theory, rather it is an application of those theories.

Using Ratio Deco requires a series of requisite parameters including, but not limited to, complete situational awareness, cohesive team diving, standardized UTD back-gases and deco mixtures, and a through understanding of the Ratio Deco methodology and all it’s parameters, along with the discipline to stay within those limitations. The user of Ratio Deco must acknowledge the need to build real-life, in-water experience with the through study, practice and an awareness of risk vs. benefit.

This class covers in detail all the aspects of Ratio Deco, or what is better known as "Decompression on the Fly." We start with the history of decompression modeling, Henry's law, Haldanean theory, US Navy, Workman, Bulhmann, VPM and RGBM, and most importantly how we apply these to personal decompression strategy. You will also understand the overall concept of a safe and repeatable ascent strategy and how to essentially do "Deco On the Fly". The class will end with examples and exercises.

The goals of Ratio Deco training are:

  • To develop the student’s practical knowledge and understanding of current and past decompression theories.

  • To enable the student to create an organized and safe plan for decompression without primary reliance on traditional tables or computers.

  • To create a “thinking” decompression diver who is able to adjust for changes in a dive profile during the dive.

The Topics covered include: 

  • Introductions

  • Decompression Model History

  • Henry's Law, Haldane, Bulhmann, VPM, RGBM

  • Deep Stop Strategy

  • Bubble Theory

  • Decompression Strategy

  • The Shape

  • Deep Stops

  • O2 Window

  • Dissolved Theory

  • Depth Averaging

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