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By: UTD Watersports Ft Lauderdale at UTD Scuba Diving (Training Facilty)
Instructor: Ryan Custureri
Region: United States
Where: 2 Commercial Blvd, Lauderdale By The Sea, FL 33308
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Did you know that the majority of scuba divers and snorkelers that own a Deployable Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) have NOT been properly trained to deploy it? Secondly, did you know that half of the surface marker buoys equipped on a diver are stored incorrectly and are actually not deployable under water?

DSMB's are an integral part of every diver's or snorkeler's gear configuration. They can be a reference line to the surface, a signal to a boat captain, serve as a dive flag in areas that may be more prone to boating (shore dives, piers, etc), and even used for additional lift if a situation calls for it.

While they serve as a great signal for shore diving and can be inflated at the surface, there are other situations where they need to be deployed at depth.



The DSMB Workshop is typically taught on the beach to allow for real-world in-water training environment.



  • Must be at least 15 years of age

What is Included in the course?

  • Single Tank and Weights for Students
  • Deployable Surface Marker Buoy for Practice
  • Beverages and snacks

NOTE: Student’s are to utilize their PERSONAL dive gear for the course. Additionally, if you own an SMB, or DSMB, please bring it with you to evaluate its usage and condition.

Rental Gear is available. Please contact UTD WATERSPORTS FORT LAUDERDALE (1) day in advance to arrange.



The classroom lecture focuses on three key aspects:

  1. The differences in Surface Marker Buoys;
  2. How to properly Stow and Maintain them;
  3. How to properly deploy them at the surface and at depth while maintaining buoyancy, horizontal trim, and position WITHOUT siliting the bottom.


The in water training education will focus on students being able to meet the following expectations:

  • Each student is able to safely deploy a DSMB from depth.  Buoyancy may vary per student, but is encouraged to perform neutrally buoyant.  
  • Demonstrate proper procedures for deploying SMB by end of course.
  • Students to self-evaluate their skill level and understand the importance of the SMB and DSMB.


If you haven't been properly trained, or feel you need assistance learning how to properly use a DSMB, contact us for DSMB Workshop Today.  

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