UTD Open Water Instructor

UTD Open Water Instructor

Contact Info:
Submerged Inc at UTD Scuba Diving (Training Facilty)
Company: UTD Scuba Diving
Email: info@submergedonline.com

Instructor: Jonathan Edwardsen
Email: Jon@marinesportsmanagement.com

UTD Open Water Instructor

By: Submerged Inc at UTD Scuba Diving (Training Facilty)
Instructor: Jonathan Edwardsen
Region: United States
Where: 5609 Fishers Ln Suite 3A, Rockville, 20852
Event by Appointment: Please contact Submerged, Inc. to schedule your training. 301-881-2831 or info@submergedonline.com
Remaining Tickets: 1

Event arranged by appointment.

UTD Facility Instructor Development UTD's Facility Instructor Development course is the entry level instructor development course that prepares the candidate for his or her Instructorship within the UTD Educational System and get's them ready for evaluation by the UTD Training Advisory Board. Once completed and passed the evaluation the candidate becomes a full UTD Foundational Instructor* and can teach within the TAB recommendations BUT can only teach through a sponsoring UTD Training Facility. The UTD Facility Instructor can not upgrade to upper level categories (Technical, Trimix, Cave, Wreck, Rebreather, and Side-Mount Instructor Modules) without paying the deferment and becoming a full fledge UTD Foundational Instructor.  Foundational IDC Prerequisites: The prerequisites to become a Foundational Instructor are Divemaster with any recognized training agency, proof of 200 non training dives and at least UTD IDC Prep / Rec / Tech or any other upper level UTD class. A full list of prerequisites can be found in the UTD Standards and Procedures. (http://www.utdscubadiving.com/page/standards/) For more information on becoming a UTD instructor. Click Here * A Foundational Instructor can teach UTD Zuba and Open Water courses, in addition to Essentials of Recreational, Essentials of Tech, Essentials of Overhead, Rec 1, 2, and/or specialties, Divemaster and/or other classes as designated by the UTD Training Advisory Board during evaluation. With the exception of Rec 2, the instructor must be certified one level higher than the classes he is certified to teach. If a Foundational Instructor wishes to teach Rec 3, he/she must meet the above criteria in addition to being certified at UTD Tech 1 or equivalent. Foundational Instructors without at least one year prior teaching experience with a recognized Scuba training agency may only teach non-critical skills classes for their first year unless certified as UTD Tech 2 or equivalent. All materials will be provided directly by HQ.

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