Recreational 1 - Open Water with Nitrox

Recreational 1 - Open Water with Nitrox

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Rivemar Diving & Watersports at Rivemar Diving & Watersports
Company: Unified Team Diving

Instructor: Agostina Bosquiazzo

Recreational 1 - Open Water with Nitrox

By: Rivemar Diving & Watersports at Rivemar Diving & Watersports
Instructor: Agostina Bosquiazzo
Region: Spain
Where: Ctra a la Azohia 15, 30868 Cartagena
Event by Appointment: Para concertar las fechas del curso. contacta con el centro de buceo en
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Event arranged by appointment.

Initiation  REC1 Utd:  More complete, more experienced, more fun.

It is the same concept learning course Open Water Diver in a course that lasts six days, with online theory, in which a particularly high level of diving is reached, to be entirely practical, performing a  minimum of 10 dives . The REC1 UTD, is a high performance course your diving skills are the most demanding and therefore safe.

DIVING TEAM UNIFIED  is the original certification agency rooted in the DIR protocols, and has the highest overall requirement in the standards and selection of instructors, not surprisingly very few instructors worldwide who have been able to overcome the bar UTD requirement.

Our commitment  OCEAN FRIENDLY  work thoroughly ensures that your technical skills to the ecological footprint you leave behind is priceless. A responsible diver is one who supports the knees at the bottom, floating, horizontal trima and applies an efficient flapping, only one diver Ocean Friendly is a  sustainable diver .

CONTENT OWD UTD - Initiation:

We use the latest technology and teaching materials dive. And above all, learn to dive so  respectful of the underwater environment  with the program of  sustainable diving .


  • Basic physics and physiology
  • Diving conditions
  • Environment and Orientation
  • Sustainability and biology
  • Hardware configuration DIR


  • Underwater Adaptation
  • Security: sharing primary, secondary air regulator and rescue
  • Neutral buoyancy and trim horizontally
  • Advanced Propulsion: flapping medium kick, frog, back and helicopter
  • Handling of faucets, instruments and equipment
  • Teamwork


  • 4 full dives  dive boat  exercise, leisure tour and resolution practices simulated emergencies for better preparation.

REC1 Full price:  € 490 + online class at  UTD

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