Tech 1 Diver

Tech 1 Diver

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Poh Chang Chew at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Poh Chang Chew

Tech 1 Diver

By: Poh Chang Chew at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Instructor: Poh Chang Chew
Region: Asia
Where: LOB, Indonesia
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UTD Tech 1 & 2 Kenting 8-15 Nov 2014 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

Tech 1 Diver

Technical Diver 1 is the first UTD Technical course that familiarizes divers with the use of Helitrox 25/25 as safe bottom breathing gases for use to depths of 130’/39m utilizing a single deco bottle of decompression gas (100% O2) for accelerated decompression procedures.

Technical Diver Program

UTD’s Technical Diver program consists of a two step process - Technical Diver 1 (Tech 1) and Technical Diver 2 (Tech 2). They are building block classes that introduce a diver to deeper depths and staged decompression in a slow progression, first working on bottom skills, then ascent skills and finally mid-water skills. Upon completion of these two courses, divers are trained and qualified to dive to a depth of 160’/48m breathing Helitrox 25/25 and Trimix 21/35 or 18/45, to use a stage bottle to conduct multiple technical dives in the same day, and to use a single decompression gas of Nitrox 50 or 100% O2.

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