Regulator Repair and Field Maintenance

Regulator Repair and Field Maintenance

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Max Wang at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Max Wang

Regulator Repair and Field Maintenance

By: Max Wang at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Instructor: Max Wang
Region: Asia
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UTD's Regulator Repair and Field Service Class is a two part class that allows all divers and dive professionals to learn how to service and repair a first or second stage.

Part 1 of the class consists of the Online Classroom Materials, which not only teaches the student the differences between a piston or diaphragm first stage or a balanced and unbalanced second stage, but the 20 hours of online video's demonstrate step by step how to strip down a first or second stage, clean it, repair or service it and then rebuild it. These are fantastic learning tools and referencing materials as they are closeup video's of each step. These materials are also excellent for every diver who wants to simply learn about regulators and how to "Field Service" them between annual services.    

Part 2 is only required if you want to receive full certification and become a Regulator Service Technician. It is a hands-on portion where you will meet with your UTD Instructor and conduct a 2/3 day class striping down and rebuilding first and stages under supervision. As with all UTD certification classes you will be evaluated at the end in order to receive full certification. This will allow you to purchase regulator parts and service kits in order to complete your own annual service. You will be required to purchase the Regulator Savvy Book and your own tools. 




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