Recreational 2 - Advanced

Recreational 2 - Advanced

Contact Info:
Submerged Inc at UTD Scuba Diving (Training Facilty)
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Tanya Kuck

Recreational 2 - Advanced

By: Submerged Inc at UTD Scuba Diving (Training Facilty)
Instructor: Tanya Kuck
Region: North America
Where: 5609 Fishers Ln #3A, Rockville, 20852
Event by Appointment: Please contact Submerged, Inc. to schedule your REC2 class. You can call us at 301-881-2831 or email

Event arranged by appointment.

Recreational 2 Training enables you to go deeper, stay longer, experience more, and do it all safely. Rec 2 is the first level of training that introduces "critical skills," in which you will learn problem identification and resolution, building the capacity for progressively more challenging diving. The course also includes deep dives, the use of nitrox, and night dives.

The Rec 2 course includes one online classroom, a critical skills module which must be completed first, plus training in deep diving, nitrox diving, and night diving.

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