Essentials of Tech, Cave, Wreck Back Mount

Essentials of Tech, Cave, Wreck Back Mount

Contact Info:
Submerged Inc at Submerged, Inc
Company: Unified Team Diving

Instructor: Jonathan Edwardsen

Essentials of Tech, Cave, Wreck Back Mount

By: Submerged Inc at Submerged, Inc
Instructor: Jonathan Edwardsen
Region: United States
Where: 5609 Fishers Ln. 3ARockville, MD 20852
Event by Appointment: Course schedules can be viewed at . Please contact us at Submerged with any questions and to sign up for the class!

Event arranged by appointment.

Course tuition $499.
Contact Submerged at 301-881-2831 or

The key to any good technical diving program is to start with the basics. A trend in the industry is to push students into tech diving but this has disastrous results for both the student and the instructor if the student does not possess the necessary foundation on which to build technical skills. Students who wish to get involved in technical diving require a strong foundation, which is why we have structured our entry level technical course the way we have. The “Essentials of Tec” course will teach divers who are interested in technical diving and as well as experienced technical divers the proper skill sets to be a thinking member of their dive team. Essentials of Tec students will develop awareness while being trained on the proper techniques starting with the most fundamental skills while progressing to more challenging skills.

For divers who have been trained in a conventional diving program, this class will introduce new techniques, configurations, and in-water skills, which will bridge the gap between conventional courses and the challenging Unified Team Diving curriculum. Whether you are a new diver or a seasoned veteran, your diving will become safer, effortless, and more fun simply by incorporating these skills and diving practices.

This course combines lecture, in-water training sessions (pool and open water), dry runs, and video debriefings.

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