Cave Diver 2

Cave Diver 2

Contact Info:
Poh Chang Chew at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Company: Unified Team Diving

Instructor: Poh Chang Chew

Cave Diver 2

By: Poh Chang Chew at UTD Scuba Diving (Instructor)
Instructor: Poh Chang Chew
Region: Asia
Where: Cebu Philippines
Event by Appointment: appointment

Event arranged by appointment.

UTD Cave Training Cebu May 2013 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

OHP Cave 2 31 May - 7 Jun 2014 Part 1 720p from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

UTD OHP Cave 2 31 May - 7 Jun Part 2 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

The UTD Cave Diver 1 course is designed to be the first step in refining the students’ skills within the cave environment to to become a certified Cave Diver. This is achieved through an intense diver education program that begins with an understanding of established cave conservation procedures and an appreciation for the subtle dangers often associated with this overhead diving. This course covers the basic principles of cave diving, introducing the skills and knowledge required to penetrate and navigate the main line of an underwater cave environment. Training includes an emphasis on awareness, cave dive planning, cave environments, stress management, conservation, standard procedures, emergency procedures, techniques, problem solving, and the hazards of cave diving.

Upon completion of the UTD Cave Diver 1 program, divers will be able to safely practice for up to 24 months,  penetrating the cave, following, and exploring the mainline.

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