Monterey Bay Kayak Diving

Monterey Bay Kayak Diving

Contact Info:
UTD Watersports Monterey Bay at UTD Scuba Diving (UTD Watersports)
Company: UTD Watersports

Instructor: David Parker

Monterey Bay Kayak Diving

By: UTD Watersports Monterey Bay at UTD Scuba Diving (UTD Watersports)
Instructor: David Parker
Where: 231 Union St. Santa Cruz CA 95060
Event by Appointment: Contact UTD Instructor David Parker at (831) 818-8243 to get more information

Event arranged by appointment.

Spend a day learning the art of kyak scuba diving! Enjoy a 1 on 1 dive experience with UTD instructor Dave Parker learning to dive off of a sit on top kayak in the beautiful Monterey Bay , Carmel California area (conditions will dictate dive location)  Cost includes sit on top kayak insturction and dive leading to the most hidden dive locations. 

This event is for certified divers who have all their own dive equipment. Assitance with local dive shop rental is available on request. 

Please contact UTD Instructor David Parker for more information (831)818-8243

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