Extreme Scuba Makeover

Extreme Scuba Makeover

Contact Info:
Company: UTD Scuba Diving
Email: info@utdscubadiving.com

Extreme Scuba Makeover

By: UTD Scuba Diving
Region: Africa and Middle East
Where: Jumeira2 - Dubai
When: 30 Nov -0001 12:00-AM to 30 Nov -0001 12:00-AM
Remaining Tickets: 0

30 Nov -0001 00:00 - 30 Nov -0001 00:00
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There are no tickets available for this event.

Extreme Scuba Makeover

Event Reviews

Fantastic! 13 April 2015
By John Robson

ESM has proven to be one of the most beneficial scuba courses I have ever taken. It has introduced buoyancy and propulsion techniques that have only ever been skimmed over at best. After 8 years of diving, I have discovered skills which should have been in place in Week One! The same enthusiasm I had in my early diving has been instantly reinvigorated. The UTD route for diving HAS to be the way forward and my children will be attending these courses as soon as they are old enough. Many thanks Marine, Darryl and UTD.

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