Open Water

Open Water

Contact Info:
Submerged Inc at Submerged, Inc
Company: Unified Team Diving

Instructor: Tanya Kuck

Open Water

By: Submerged Inc at Submerged, Inc
Instructor: Tanya Kuck
Region: United States
Where: 5609 Fishers Ln. 3A Rockville, MD 20852
Event by Appointment:
Remaining Tickets: 6

Event arranged by appointment.

Course tuition $499.
Contact Submerged at 301-881-2831 or

The Open Water Diver Course is the first and most important step in becoming a diver. If you want to really enjoy scuba diving, you need to know what you are doing and be comfortable and confident doing it. Our instructors are passionate about diving, and they really care that you get started right so that you can enjoy diving as much as they do!

We understand how valuable time is for our divers in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, so we have designed the easiest, most convenient scheduling options possible. Available class components can be viewed at

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