Scooter Diver (DPV)

Scooter Diver (DPV)

Contact Info:
Poh Chang Chew at UTD Scuba Diving (Facilty)
Company: UTD Scuba Diving

Instructor: Poh Chang Chew

Scooter Diver (DPV)

By: Poh Chang Chew at UTD Scuba Diving (Facilty)
Instructor: Poh Chang Chew
Region: Asia
Where: Indonesia
Event by Appointment: Schedule with Instructor.

Event arranged by appointment.

XScootering 7 Skies and Igara 10-12 0ct 2014 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

UTD Scooter 1 & Essentials of Tech Side Mount Experience Dives 7-9 Oct 2011 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

X-Scooter Demo Day 9 May 2010 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

This unique class is designed to share the essential principles of diving with a Scooter, or Diver Propulsion Vehicle. The class reviews the critical skills that apply when operating a scooter in recreational realms. This is an excellent class, no matter which type of scooter or DPV you use. You will learn not only how to correctly operate a scooter but also basic maintenance and simple repairs.

 In addition to simply sharing the FUN of scooter/DPV diving, the Scooter 1 class instructs divers in the critical aspects of scooter diving, increasing diver fun and efficiency while reducing stress and diver risk. Skills will focus on: improving diver proficiency and awareness while scootering, scooter team communication, scooter buoyancy control, effective scooter risk evaluation and efficient dive planning. We also include scooter care and upkeep for those who own their scooter as well as techniques for proper balance, weight and towline sizing.

This class is conducted over three days with 24 hours of instruction including 8 hours of academic work and four dives.

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