Wreck 1 Diver

Wreck 1 Diver

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Wreck 1 Diver

By: UTD Scuba Diving
Region: Asia
Where: Philippines
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Sidemount fun dives - Subic Wrecks 14-17 Apr 2013 from Poh Chang on Vimeo.

Wrecks are an obvious attraction to any diver: they hold a promise of history, of mystery, and going where few dare. It’s an underwater haunted house. Of course, they also hold a tremendous potential for danger to the unwary diver. Even the essential equipment, doubles and guidelines, are complicated and there are many subtle and potentially dangerous issues that divers must be acquainted with while wreck diving.

UTD Wreck Penetration 1 is an “Essentials of Wreck Diving” class designed to prepare divers for basic skills needed to penetrate a wreck safely while using doubles and a guideline. Students will learn the essentials of gas management, running and retrieving a guideline, following the line, no visibility line protocols, and failures associated with wreck penetration.

Historically, introductory level wreck classes have been so heavily distilled that very little actual information remains. This class provides an excellent foundation for divers to build their wreck diving experience and a blue print to prepare for the UTD Technical Wreck Penetration 2.

This class strives to both instruct students in techniques for proper wreck diving, and then simulate “failures” in a controlled manner to ensure the retention of protocols even in the face of problems. At UTD, we always believe in training beyond your level of diving, as opposed to diving beyond your level of training.

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