UTD Gold Instructor and IT Prep

UTD Gold Instructor and IT Prep

UTD Gold Instructor and IT Prep

Business: Unified Team Diving

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Introducing two new UTD classes for instructors:

UTD Gold Instructor
Instructor Trainer Prep

The two classes will be taught together in a 4-day program of classroom and one dive per day. 

Day 1 focuses on the evolution of how we teach breathing and the development of ESM.
Day 2 is about the Levels of Learning: rote, understanding, application, correlation.
Day 3 is on the Principles of Learning: readiness, exercise, effect, primacy, intensity, recency.
Day 4 is about common student errors and problem recognition.

The class is designed to give UTD Instructors an advanced training program that focuses on education theory, particularly centered on how your students learn. The classical definition of education is a change in behavior, and that must start with a strong, basic foundation, regardless of whether you are teaching scuba, flying, or brain surgery. 

Among other things, we will address “over teaching,” which is giving the students too much too soon without creating a base. We will also look at instructor positioning, level two critical skills in foundational classes, video review techniques, and much more.

This is now a required course for UTD Instructor Trainer, so anyone interested in becoming an IT within the next few years should consider the class. The cost is $350 plus a share of instructor travel expenses.


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