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Instructor Candidates Group

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UTD Foundational IDC Home Study Guide
Below you will find the complete study guide for UTD Instructor Candidates

1. Standards and Procedures
Use this link to download the most recent Standards and Procedures:
UTD Standards And Procedures
You will need access to the document during your IDC, so please have the PDF available on a laptop or tablet. I do not recommend printing the document, as new versions are published approximately twice each year.
Read sections 1.1 through 1.7, section 2, and section 4.
Browse section 3 to become familiar with it.
Browse the appendix to become familiar with it.

2. Instructor Playbook.
Download below.
Read pages 1-22.
Read the section on the Open Water Class
Browse the rest.

3. Instructor Academics
This is a program of 22 YouTube videos, links are below.
Watch each video in order. Total run time is 16 hours.

4. Student and Diver Procedures Manual
This is a required book for the IDC, however it is not included in your IDC must be purchased separately, instructor price is $50, call me to purchase. It is not included as part of the IDC materials package because we want people to own this book very early in the process.
Read cover to cover. There is a free online version, call or write for access.

5. UTD’s 10 Covenants
Download here: UTD 10 Covenants.
Read (it’s one page).

6. Critical Skills Videos
This is a collection of videos of Andrew teaching critical skills. Watch as much as you can prior to your IDC. One video (critical skills) has a broken link that I’m trying to fix.

7. IDC Classroom Presentation
Link via the Instructor Candidates Group.
Most of this information is covered in the Academic Video, so review this Power Point presentation (there is no narration).
IDC Classroom Presentation

8. Final Exam
Download, print, and complete as much of this test as you can. We will review it during your IDC and use it as a study guide.

9. Student Online Class Materials
Review the student Online Courses. Begin with: Open Water, Essentials of Tech (or Ess of Tech Side Mount), Rec 3.
Then, as time permits, any other classes you plan to teach.

10. IDC Equipment and Paperwork Checklist
Guide to what to bring to the IDC.
IDC Equipment and Paperwork Checklist

11. Leadership Terms and Conditions
Print, fill out, bring to IDC. Download below.

12. Level of Training Form
Print, fill out, bring to IDC. Download below.

13. Generic Schedule
Download and Review. A final schedule will be emailed to you a week or so prior to your
IDC. Generic Schedule

Please be sure to check with your Instructor Trainer for special circumstances, water temperatures, etc.

Contact Jeff at UTD HQ with any questions., +1 760-585-9676, ext 2.

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