Z Trim XL - Black Camo 2017 version - 28lbs/13kg

Brand: UTD Scuba Diving

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Dimensions: W:3.00 H:3.00 L:3.00

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UTD Z-Trim XL - Black Camo Trim Device - New for 2017

Designed for Side-mount Diving and Z-Diving. The Z Trim XL is the excat same size as the Z Trim, fitting smaller bodies,  however it has more lift for doubel tanks and so on. 

Features and Benefit

  • Designed for Side-mount Diving (Z-Diving) Recreational, Cave, Technical, Wreck, so much more
  • Streamline and Low profile
  • Power and oral inflator Tucked in Right side
  • Over pressure valve (OPV)
  • Designed in a triangular shape to provide lift where a side-mount diver requires it
  • Baffled bladder to prevent bubble expansion when inflated
  • Attachment triglides to attach to harness waist strap and back-strap ensuring diver is lifted from the waist
  • Low profile 90 degree robust elbow with low profile shaped corrugated hose
  • Adapts and fits all style of side-mount harness (Razor) or backplates or soft harnesses.


  • Black Scorpion Camo Pattern - Cover
  • Pleated and baffled bladder
  • 28lbs/13 kg Lift capacity
  • Easily adapted to Z-Harness, Razor harness or style side-mount harnesses
  • Also fits standard backplate and soft plate with adapter

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