UTD Wreck Exploration Project 25th February to 4th March 2017 Musandam, Oman

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The Wreck Project 2017 

In February/March of 2017 an international team of UTD Wreck Explorers will participate in the first of many expeditions to this area. Our mission will be to:

  1. Explore and survey known and new wreck sites, laying line (permanent and exploration) in them,  surveying and building diving maps
  2. Setting up logistics to support Wreck training (Dive centers, hotels, New wreck training sites).
  3. Setting up and ensuring safety items for training on and in the wrecks.
  4. Helping setting up and coordinate a local association to explore future wrecks, map and survey the wrecks and ultimately maintain the access ensuring safety in the wrecks
  5. Supporting our local UTD instructors in that region 
  6. Documenting wrecks through video and pictures for long term project
  7. Educating UTD Explorers on wreck survey and mapping

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